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This is the full astrology profile of someone born under December 6 zodiac, Your progressed Sun enters Capricorn at age The ages of 15 to 17 mark a . horoworld horoscope handprint index · january 9 scorpio horoscope.

Physical symptoms : Asthma, lungs infections, ears infections, mental fatigue, speech impediment, hands and arms injuries.

NLP is a good option too, as well as practicing speaking and public speaking to challenge your fears and practice flexibility. Difficulties regarding intimacy and nurturance. Childhood may have been wounding either if it was real or just felt as such - the point here is that what's supposed to feel safe, nurturing, loving, welcoming family is associated with pain and trauma. Difficulties in nurturing and supporting others as there is a difficulty to do it for oneself.

High needs for emotional security and comfort. Very high sensitivity, moodiness, emotional insecurity, deep unidentified fears, feelings of being rejected and abandoned often. Difficulties in finding the uniqueness and the creativity in the self. Here we have someone who identified their inner child the creative, playful, expressive part of yourself who wants to be seen and heard as something which had to be repressed.

Chiron in Astrology: Virgo or 6th House pt1- Gemini Brown

The ego is often the centre of the issue, problem with self-love, self-appreciation, the ego is inflated or suppressed. Arrogance, snobbishness, selfishness are possible. Physical symptoms : Heart issues, blood circulation, back, back muscles. Healing : Practice giving and receiving love and attention as much as possible. Focus on witnessing others, seeing them, hearing them, loving them. The more you can give this energy, the more you'll align yourself to receive it.

Try expressive and creative activities. Fears of not being up to the task, whatever task it is. Difficulties in developing capacities of analysis, judgment, critical self. Difficulties in being flexible in general; with life challenges and trivial events. Too fixated on technical details, unproductive critics, and possibility to be intolerant.

Overall due to a lack of self-confidence and a difficulty to accept the self-flaws.

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Feeling inapt. Physical symptoms : Bad health, whether it's real or feared. Health is where the wound express itself often - especially so mental health; but also intestine and liver issues repressed anger. Healing : Spending time in purifying and perfect oneself in order to feel more confident and competent. Having lots of care for the health and practicing being at the service of others, helping others.

Difficulties in the social life as there are issues with relating to others. Relationships, romantic in particular, can be a particular source of wounding. Difficulties in getting others to know who you are truly and therefore difficulties being liked. Pain around love affairs as in being dependant to others or being hurt by others.

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The attitude is overall hesitant, uncertain. Fear of rejection can be particularly painful. Physical symptoms : Metabolism issues, diabetes, blood circulation, bladder, liver, glands issues. Healing : Working on the balance, cooperation with others, communicating. At the same time, working on being more decisive while staying fair. Difficulties in achieving real intimacy. Difficulties in letting go. The thoughts can be negative and self-sabotaging, bitterness, pettiness, and jealousy.

The negative feelings can be strong when triggered: hate, obsession, rage. Physical symptoms : Uterus and genitals issues are possible. Anything related to procreation as well as anal region. Difficulties with spiritual evolution.

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Difficulties in remaining open minded and open to the world in general. Being judged for your beliefs or principles, feeling restricted in your freedom of thinking and faith, difficulties in higher studies or foreign countries. Positivity can be blocked, lack of moderation, extremism in thoughts and beliefs, intolerance, preaching.

Physical symptoms : Hips, butt, legs injuries and pain, injuries from excess of something, breathing issues. Pain regarding social and professional image, as well as recognition. Authorities issues, the father may have been wounding.

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Deep inner fears and total lack of flexibility. There is a constant need to prove yourself and there can be difficulties in reaching the goals and ambitions. The main issue revolves around too much rigidity, you tend to freeze and feel depressed and rejected, you feel there is a constant excess of pressure and responsibilities. Physical symptoms : Arthritis, bone issues, any joints and in particular knees, muscle cramps, depression and melancholia. Your task with Chiron here is to learn all you can about the subtleties of your emotional self and accept every single one.

A great deal of compassionate awareness in the laboratory of your own heart is the key to accepting the wide range of possible human feeling states and moving through them. When you can be aware of the pain or grief of another and not have to heal it, shut down, or otherwise react, then you can bring the Chiron-in-Cancer gift of witnessing the realities of the human condition with unconditional compassion. Chiron in Leo With Chiron in the sign of self-expression, play, and creativity, you might feel hypersensitive to the reactions of others when you improvise and play.

The truth is that your playful, humorous side is always shaped by your awareness of energy and emotion, and so your humor might tap cause others to be aware of their own insecurities, bringing them try to defend against your playful side by putting it down or ignoring it. As this can affect the health of your ego, making sure that you accept your own vulnerabilities and insecurities with compassionate awareness — refusing to judge that sometimes you have fear about owning and showing who you are — can help you fully inhabit your unique self and not try to change for others in order to more liked and accepted.

Chiron in Virgo Virgo is the sign of improving, fixing, healing, helping, and serving. Chiron in this signs says that you might fear rejection for not already being perfect.

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The truth is that no one always knows how to do something well, and all of us at times have insecurities and vulnerabilities about this. You may attract others to you with a noticeable amount of unhealed issues, or pervasive wounding. How you respond to them will tell a lot about where you are in stages of becoming the source of love yourself. As Scorpio involves opening deeply to reveal our vulnerable sides, trust issues might be part of your Chironic experience.

It could be that when you open to someone you want to trust in order to get close, and then as close as people can get a Scorpionic goal , your awareness of the deep psychological and emotional knots and bruises that person carries can trigger you into not feeling safe, perhaps even regretting opening to trust him or her. The truth is that you have an uncanny ability to pick up on things others might shame in themselves, and you also have a unique ability to work through such things.

Chiron: The Karmic Marker of the Birth Chart

Chiron in Sagittarius Chiron in the sign of expansion and adventure might have you afraid to risk thinking and imaging big things for yourself. As Sagittarius relates to the flow of imagination, when ideas pass through your right brain and may or may not find something real to root into and take shape, with Chiron in this sign you could resist letting your mind travel to far-off places in creative modes. The way you come up with new ideas, as well as how you approach optimism and developing faith that tomorrow can be better than today, is infused with an awareness of human energy and emotion.

You, however, may begin with a level of doubt about not just your abilities, but also your capacity to follow through on a long-term project. If you show up to work — or to work on something in another context — with self-doubt about your abilities and mettle, others will reflect this to you. If you have a history of being told and shown that you and your work are not good enough, understand that others are, in fact, simply playing out in front of you your own doubt.